Actually Corona Lockdown implemented all over the world is being a lucky thing for one of the most anticipated seasons of Spanish thriller ‘La Casa De Papel’ or Money Heist. The show has overthrown ‘Tiger King’ which is an American true crime documentary miniseries about the life of a zookeeper. And now Money heist is the most-watched Netflix show with around 65 million views in online streaming platform, which is a very huge number.

Money Heist is a Spanish heist crime drama television series created by Alex Pina. This series is dealing with 2 well-planned robberies in the most secure places of Spain. The first 2 seasons are showing the heist of Royal Mint of Spain. Apart from the other heist stories, this show differs on the modes of operations, the narration of the story, and the heist itself. They are not stealing any of those vaults or any of those printed notes instead they print themselves a huge amount of money and escapes from the Royal Mint. That’s why this series is more engaging and thrilling. This series was initially planned to wind up with two seasons but after the release of the series it bagged the attention of viewers not only in Spain but also in other was released in a Spanish network Antenna3 on 3rd  May 2017. By seeing the success story of the show Netflix brought the global streaming rights in 2017, and from now on La Casa De Papel is a favorite show for a large no of viewers.

The leading character is done by Alvaro Morte  known as Professor in the story. He recruits 8 companions for executing the heist. They were named after famous cities around the world. Since he wanted no personnel relationship between them but later it was broken though. The whole episode of both seasons was a seat edge thriller. The second heist is ongoing in the Royal Bank of Spain, with some new members in the gang. Not going deep into the story since it may harm your viewing experience. Last season is having more violence than previous seasons. 5th episode of the show is about to release in April 2021.


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